Exploring Bird Photography

Over Christmas break I rented the Fuji 70-300 (FUJIFILM XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens) to explore using it for bird photography, a new area for me. It worked well, I found it to be a bit slow and not sharp unless using a tripod, but it worked well for my first experience.

As all rentals go, I had to send it back, but shortly after that my new telescope arrived, the Astrotech AT80EDT. It’s awesome for bird photography, I’m lucky that it can sit on the tripod and point at a popular tree right out my office window.

All photos taken with my Fuji Xt2.

We’ve had a Baltimore Oriole for the past 2 months, quite rare in Chesapeake, VA. And this little yellow rumped warbler has been a frequent visitor for a while now.

Central Va 2021, Part 2

Well we liked it so much we went back to Lovingston in November. The skies were clear only one night, but they were perfect. Low 30s and low humidity made for great seeing and great photography. I used my Skywatcher Star Adventurer Pro 2i for all of these. Fuji Xt2 with either the samyang 12mm f/2 or Fujinon 35mm F2 WR.

14 exposures, 60 seconds each, ISO 3200. Fujinon 35mm
15 exposures x 60 seconds each, ISO 3200. Samyang 12mm
12 exposures x 60 seconds each. ISO 3200, Samyan 12mm.

Central VA 2021

We spent a few days in the Lovingston area of Central VA this week. I had a chance to test out my new Skywatcher Pro tracker, and it worked perfectly. Unfortuantely the skies didn’t cooperate, battling clouds and heavy humidity meant for not-ideal photos, but it was still nice to get used to the setup.

Fuji Xt2, Rokinon 14mm f/2

Fuji Xt2, Rokinon 14mm f/2

30 shot stack, 5 HDR at 6 focus points. Fuji Xt2, fujinon 35mmf/2.8 WR

Kids-room Macros

I’ve been loving my Fuji XT-2, and rented the Fuji 80mm macro last fall. Here are a few photos taken with that lens, specifically for my son’s bedroom.

Chalk, taken with the Fuji 35mm WR
Pencils – Fuji 80mm Macro
Ribbons- Fuji 80mm Macro

Bird photography with a 35mm lens!

I don’t have a telephoto lens, but I’ve always wanted to explore bird photography. Luckily I have a backyard with a bird feeder that gets a lot of traffic…and a tripod. So I set up my Fuji XT-2 with the 35mm lens on a tripod about 2 feet away from the bird feeder. The Fujifilm Android app lets me look through the viewfinder remotely and snap photos (as well as edit settings like ISO and shutter speed) so it worked out great!

black capped chickadee
House Finch
black capped chickadee