OBX – Skies

I have recently been working on creating time lapses of clouds and the milky way. The latter I have been rather unsuccessful with, as the d90’s high ISO is pretty crappy. The former, however, has had much success. The process is not overly complicated, so long as I can manage to take a bunch of photos without interruption.

This video was shot in Hatteras, NC while I was on vacation, from my observation deck. Photographs were taken over 1 hour, 18 minutes, with 1 photo every 7 seconds. Shot with a d70s, using gphoto2 as my intergalometer. I used ffmpeg to generate the video. I do recommend watching it here, on vimeo where you can see it in HD.


Of course, I also took photographs of clouds and the milky way.

Storm over the inlet

I did not edit the saturation of this photo, I think it might be an effect of photomatix. This is a 3-exposure stacked HDR.

OBX Sunset

Here is one photograph of the milky way that turned out ok by itself. 30 second exposure at ISO 800.

the Milky Way

This one is stacked from 5 photographs, each 30 seconds @ ISO 1000.

Milky Way Composite

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