Recent Shots – Oct and Nov 2011

I see you


I’ve been doing a lot of photography lately, but I’ve been busy being lazy and not uploading photos. So, here is one huge post with everything I’ve shot in the past few weeks. Hope you have a good internet connection.


This guy to the left here was found in Coinjock, NC during the East Coast Star Party, in Oct 2011. Lots of interesting bugs there, always enjoy shooting with new people and in new locations.


Coinjock, NC
Note the parasite on the harvestman below

This male crab spider hitched a ride all the way from Coinjock back to my place. I discovered him on my kitchen counter, under my sleeping gear. I took him outside and he was happy to pose for me. I’ve seen plenty of female crab spiders, but never a male, much less one with such a beautiful red color.


Botetourt Gardens, Norfolk, VA

This was my first time seeing a Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus i think.) Very pretty spider, but insanely shy. I spent over an hour photographing this one and only got a few shots.

Another day at the Botetourt Gardens, I saw a praying mantis. First one in a long time.

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