Keegan’s Best Photos of 2013

2013 was an awesome year for my photography. I had some chances to explore astrophotography, I made some significant modifications to my gear, and I learned a lot about perfecting the light sources for my macro work. Here is a summary of my 20 or so best shots from the year.

All photos taken with my Canon 5dII. Macro shots with my Canon mpe-65 with the mt-24EX flash, and wide angle shots were taken with my Canon 24-70mmL.

Click any photo to go to the blog post to see technical details and more photos from the set. As always, prints are available for sale upon request.

Choosing my best and favorite photo from 2013 was tough. Since macro and spiders are my real passion, I had to go with these from my awesome day at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens




The weather of 2013 was largely crappy, so I didn’t get out with my telescopes but a few times. I did manage to snap this photo of M42, the Orion Nebula.

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula

I got a few great photos of the Norfolk Skyline this year as well. Here is my favorite, taken in July.


I spent a weekend at Cumberland Island, one of my favorite places. The trees there are amazing, especially in the early morning sun.


I also started a few studio based macro projects. I’ve only published one, but I have two ideas to work on this winter.

2013-08-21-11.22.56 ZS PMax dark_s

I did a few timelapses as well. Here’s one of a spider building a web at Cumberland Island.

And here’s one of Jupiter, Orion, and Sirius rising from Medoc State Park in NC.

And the rest here are a mixture of my favorites. Enjoy!









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