Adobe Lightroom CC — Unable to merge the photos

I was frustrated by this seemingly random error for an hour when trying out the new HDR and Panorama merging capabilities in Adobe Lightroom CC. If you’re receiving the error ‘An internal error has occurred: Unable to merge the photos’ check your free disk space.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.04.10 AM

I was combining seven images, each one was an HDR merged within Lightroom CC. To generate the panorama, Lightroom was storing a 7GB file in the local app data cache.

The offending file (on my Windows 7 pc) was C:\Users\keegan morrison\AppData\Local\Temp\cr_sdk_00143671.tmp. I’m still running an old SSD that is only 50G as my c: drive, and with only 3GB of free space, there wasn’t enough room in the %appdata% folder to generate this massive file. Cleaning up some space then running the panorama merge process again resolved the issue. Lightroom will remove these temporary files on exit, but if the process fails (resulting in this error) you might want to manually remove the files and restart the merge process.

In my googling I didn’t see anyone pose a solution to this error, so hopefully this helps other users.

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