HI, I’m Keegan

Hi. My name is Keegan, and this is my blog and portfolio. I have many hobbies, but photography is my most favorite. I love searching for and learning about the bugs I photograph — it is challenging and stimulating. I also enjoy astronomy, I have an Orion xt10i, and I love using it. I’ve been working in a new area of photography – taking timelapses and long exposures of the milky way. I also do shoots for friends and co workers.


I plan to use this blog to share my photographs and information. Hopefully you will enjoy what you find.


Be sure to take a look at my portfolio. If you see anything you like, I am more than happy to sell prints. If you are interested in hiring me for a photo shoot (people, engagements, or items like jewelry, art, etc) send me an email: keegan at keeganm.com.