OBX – Macro Part 1

A rusty hook on a blue net

I spent the past week at a house in Frisco, Hatteras, NC. I took my camera gear, tried a few new things, including super-macro and time lapses. I had an excellent time – there were spiders (and mosquitoes) everywhere. I had many opportunities to photograph bugs, so it was an excellent trip. Unfortunately it took 14 hours to get there, i guess highway 12 was washed out in hurricane irene.


All photographs in this post were taken with my Nikon d90 and the 105mm f/2.8 macro lens.


As i was sitting on the porch, I noticed a tiny jumping spider hopping around this beautiful blue net. Resulted in one of the best photos I’ve taken to date.

Small jumping spider on blue net

Crop of the spider on a net

There were other spiders around too. One species in particular seemed to live under the shingles of the roof. This spider was not shy, and I saw them constantly throughout the week.

I climbed on the roof to get this one

This spider was on my car, and was quick to move, but wasn’t scared or shy.

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