Harborfest 2012

Harborfest OpSail 2012


This weekend was full of photography. From spending Friday on a Wasp Aircraft Carrier, to shooting the Milky Way in Back Bay, finding bugs, taking panoramic shots of Norfolk, and seeing the fireworks, I filled my SD cards multiple times. Big thanks to Randy Tracy for letting me borrow his Canon 35mm f/2.4 L. What an awesome lens!

Below is a series of photos I took Saturday evening. I was in Portsmouth, VA for the Norfolk Harborfest / OpSail 2012 fireworks show, and what an awesome show it was. Three barges, synchronized, shooting off an amazing display.

Click on a photo to enlarge it, and scroll through the gallery by clicking on the right side of an enlarged image.

As always, prints are available. If you’d like to use my work for a publication in any form, please email me, keegan at keeganm.com.


First, some panoramas of Norfolk. These are heavily compressed, I can provide higher quality digital copies on request (for wallpapers or other personal use)

Stitched from 5 shots

Norfolk at Night

I think this the single coolest shot of the weekend. This was the only photo I took with all three barges in sync, and with my favorite color, no less.

Fireworks x 3

Here are the rest of the fireworks.

Smiley face!

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