OpSail 2012

Flags on the Wasp


I spent my Friday with coworker Randy Tracy (and his Canon 35mm Lens) aboard a Wasp Aircraft Carrier for Opsail 2012. Lighting conditions were less than ideal (shooting directly in to the sun) but the progression of ships was stunning. I took over 400 photos on the ship, and it was tough to narrow down the best.


All photos taken with my Canon 5d Mark 2, and the Canon 35mm F/1.4L lens. If you would like to use my images, please email me, keegan at keeganm.com


Click on an image to enlarge it, and navigate through the enlarged images by clicking on the right side of each one.



First, the view from the Ferris Wheel in Norfolk, by Nauticus. Full size image here.

 The day started with a flag raising

Don't tread on me

Most of the ships fired cannons

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