Colorado 2014 Part 4: Stonewall

This is the final set of photos from my trip to Colorado in September, 2014.  I took over 6000 photos, many of those HDR and time lapses. I learned a lot about scenic photography, something I am new to, and a whole lot more about exposing properly for the milky way. This was the best vacation I’ve taken, and I can’t wait to go back.

First, another time lapse. This was taken by North Lake, a few miles north of Stonewall. The same lake, actually, where my Milky Way Time lapse was taken. I love the clouds in the distance, if you look closely you can see rain falling. Make sure you’re viewing it in HD. This spans 3 hours of photos.

This is a 6 shot HDR stack, taken from the top of Stonewall. The hike was precarious and rather dangerous, but worth it!


A few shots from North Lake, near Stonewall. Same place as the above time lapse.




During the day Sunday, I drove around quite a bit, and met this friendly horse. See the nose in the top left? Not so friendly, protective parent.





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