East Coast Star Party Oct 2014 – Deep Sky Objects

Had a wonderful time at the East Coast Star party last weekend. I spent a lot of time searching for new objects, my favorite of which was NGC 891. I took a lot of photos, and got frustrated at the wobbliness of my astrophotography telescope a few times. But, I did manage to get a few good shots. I saw some spiders, too, I’ll post those shortly.

All of these photos were taken with my Canon 5dII mounted on my newt, and guided with a Celestron g5sct. I was mostly testing the ISO limits of my camera, so I didn’t go for image quality. Still trying to figure out the best settings for my gear.

First, the Andromeda Galaxy. A big improvement over my first attempt. 6 light, 2 dark, ISO 5000, 60s exposure.


The Orion Nebula turned out quite well.

A noisy pinwheel. This was only two frames, my gear was getting too damp to use. Still turned out neat.



Day two of photography. This is my new favorite object, NGC 891.



 Taken through a Thomas M. Back refractor. A stunning scope, incredibly sharp. This is the sun, with a massive sun spot, larger in diameter than Jupiter.


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